Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TVXQ’s Changmin Says Lee Yeon Hee & SNSD Yoona Are the Prettiest in SM

 TVXQ’s Max Changmin shared his thoughts on the prettiest stars in the SMTown family.

On a recent shoot for the show Moonlight Prince, TVXQ’s Max Changmin and Secret’s Han Sunhwa studied poems together.

During the shoot, Max Changmin said, “After I joined SM Entertainment, I thought the two most beautiful girls within the SM family were actress Kim Yeon Hee and Girls′ Generation’s Yoona”

Changmin went on to say, “Sunhwa is also as beautiful as those two,” complimenting Han Sunhwa. Sunhwa returned Changmin’s compliment by saying, “Your well-defined facial features make you look like Won Bin,” making both of them laugh. The two idols studied the poem I’m Red with Changmin as the teacher and Han Sunhwa as the student, and shared how both of them spent their teenage years as idols. This episode of Moonlight Prince will air on February 26.

Photo Credit: KBS
 CR: enews

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